Chemicloud WordPress Hosting Review [2020]: Honest Review

Recently We have switched from Siteground WordPress Hosting to Chemicloud WordPress Hosting and Sharing our Honest Chemicloud WordPress Hosting Review and Experience with you.

Recently Siteground has increased their prices and it is not affordable to New Blogger and Medium traffic WordPress Site, By Searching many WordPress Hosting Providers, Finally we Selected to go with Chemicloud.

So sharing our honest review of Chemicloud WordPress Hosting.

 In this marvelous technological world that we live in, almost everything has now become digitized. The creation of the internet has opened endless possibilities to mankind and has made it easy to display one’s ideologies, creative works, products and services online, in order to gain attention and proper recognition from a wider audience. The internet has allowed mankind to become very closely connected

 All of this has been made possible thanks to blogs and websites. With the help of blogs and websites, one can easily conduct online businesses or publish their creative works online. In fact, it is also very easy to build a blog or website. There are various tools and services that allow one to build their very own blog or website. But the work does not end after you have created your blog or website. hosting

 You still need help to make your blog or website accessible via the World Wide Web, or connected to the internet. How can this be done? The answer is ‘Web Hosting’. A web hosting service is a service provider who helps host the user’s blog or website on the internet. Without a web hosting service, no one can view one’s website or blog on the internet. With regard to web hosting service providers there are numerous but the question is: ‘Which among them is reliable?’ That is where this article comes in to help answer that question, and the answer is ‘Chemicloud WordPress Hosting’.

 What is Chemicloud WordPress Hosting?

A WordPress hosting service is a hosting service that is optimized to enhance WordPress performance and meet WordPress security needs. Chemicloud WordPress hosting is a web hosting service provider that provides hosting services and makes websites and blogs accessible to and via the internet.

  Generally speaking, there are multiple WordPress hosting service providers like HostGator, GoDaddy and bluehost, but the best and most reliable among them all is Chemicloud WordPress Hosting. Chemicloud is an American web hosting company that was established in the past decade.

 Apart from web hosting, Chemicloud also offers services in Web Hosting, website building, Cloud VPS hosting and Reseller hosting. Chemicloud WordPress hosting has had about 10 years of experience in the field of web hosting. What’s more? It takes a customer-centric approach and thus adopts strategies that suits each of its customers. Unlike other web hosting services, it does not make false promises and makes sure that it achieves all that it has advertised or stated. Chemicloud web hosting is ideal for hosting WordPress blogs and websites.

 So, in order to enjoy the best in class web hosting and WordPress hosting services, Chemicloud is your go to hosting service provider. Below are some of the amazing features that Chemicloud WordPress hosting service possesses; one look at these features and you will be amazed by how Chemicloud is more advanced than most other web hosting services.

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Why go for Chemicloud WordPress hosting ?

Below are 7 reasons why you should opt for Chemicloud WordPress hosting and Sharing Our Experience with Chemicloud WordPress Hosting

1. Chemicloud has the Best User Reviews Online (Hence its very user friendly)

Chemicloud has very good reviews on trustpilot which is 4.9 out of 5.

chemicloud trustpilot reviews

2. The highlight of Chemicloud is its amazing customer support services.

Chemicloud gives you very good customer support and suggestions quickly using either on ticket and their instant chat support.

I am sharing my support service with you when i migrated all our sites to chemicloud and sharing Real Chemicloud WordPress Hosting Review. They have helped us to configure Litespeed  cache plugin and helped us to increase overall our high traffic Google Adsense site.

chemicloud support review

3. Its subscription plans are transparent and unlike other hosting services it keeps its word.

Some of others hosting provides shows false promise with their plans and pricing. All plans of Chemicloud are transparent there is no hidden charges.

chemicloud wordpress hosting plans

4. 45 days money back guarantee users can try it before settling with it.

Chemicloud offer 45 days money back guarantee so you can test fully their support , performance and service

chemicloud money back guarantee

5. It allows users to transfer or migrate their existing website in less than one hour.

6. It offers amazing technical features and utilizes the most innovative technology to ensure amazing performance and speed.

Below is speed and performance after migrating to chemicloud

chemicloud page speed performance

7. It guarantees 99.9 percent uptime for your website!

Top features of Chemicloud WordPress Hosting:

1. Free SSL Certificates:

Chemicloud offers its users free SSL certificates, irrespective of the subscription plan, that is available for all of the user’s domains; thus offering them SEO benefits and amazing security.

2. SSD Storage:

Chemicloud uses enterprise grade SSD drives that allows users to access their files at a much greater speed than would be possible using other web hosting services.

3. Free Domain Name:

Chemicloud offers its users a free domain name for lifetime.

4. Same day website migration:

Another amazing feature of Chemicloud is that it will have your existing website transferred or migrated in less than an hour!

5. Super speed:

Chemicloud offers its users great speed and performance thanks to its reliance on cutting edge, top of the line technology.

6. Free daily backups:

It automatically backs up your data on a daily basis and makes them available for 30 days.

7. Uptime guarantee:

Chemicloud helps ensure that our website gets the highest possible uptime and guarantees 99.9 percent uptime; failing to stick to its claims, Chemicloud will give us our money back.

8. Reliable email service:

Along with Mail Channels, Chemicloud ensures that the mails sent reach the inbox of the respective recipients.

9. Free website builder:

Users can create their own website using Chemicloud’s drag and drop website builder for free.

10. 1 click app installs:

Using Softaculous, users can install 100s of apps easily (all with just 1 click).

11. Website server locations:

Chemicloud has 8 different server locations scattered across 3 continents. It has partnered with Cloudflare to offer free CDN services thus increasing speed and decreasing loading time.

12. 45 days money back guarantee:

Chemicloud offers a 45 days money back guarantee, so if users do not like the web hosting service provider they can choose to opt out and receive a full refund.

 Pros of Chemicloud WordPress Hosting:

  • Transparent pricing plans

  • Amazing speed

  • Lots of free services

  • Amazing performance and uptime result

  • Top of the line security services

  • Automated free daily back ups (30 days storage time)

  • Incredible and highly responsive customer support services

  • Free drag and drop website builder

  • 45 days money back guarantee (thus giving a chance to test it)


Cons of Chemicloud WordPress Hosting:

With regard to performance or feature, there are no visible cons with Chemicloud WordPress hosting.

  • The only con would be that Chemicloud is a bit expensive, especially to renew.

  • Plus, it has no monthly or annual subscriptions; users can only opt for the 2 year or 3 year plan. hosting

Frequently Asked Questions Chemicloud WordPress Hosting Review

1. What is ChemiCloud?

Answer: ChemiCloud is the recent yet best entrance to the hosting market. In the industry, the ChemiCloud offers the best customer service. It gives you a fast, reliable, and secure hosting platform.

2. Does ChemiCloud have any affiliated program?

Answer: Yes, the ChemiCloud has an affiliate program. And if you want to get detail about the affiliated program then probably you should check the below link

3. How much do I need to pay for the ChemiCloud hosting?

Answer: You can start ChemiCloud hosting with just 2.76 USD. So by paying just $2.76 per month you can start ChemiCloud hosting.

4. Is there any refund policy available on the ChemiCloud?

Answer: Yes, the ChemiCloud offers the 45 days money back policy. So after your subscription, if you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel it, and get your money back.

5. How can I reach the support team if I need some guidance?

Answer: If you want to reach the customer support team of the ChemiCloud, then you have two ways to do it. You can reach them and get a solution for your issue by the ticket system or by 24 hours live chat. Unfortunately, the ChemiCloud is not offering phone support at this time.

6. Where is the company of the ChemiCloud located?

Answer: The company of the ChemiCloud is located in the United States of America.

7. What are the currencies accepted by the ChemiCloud?

Answer: Since ChemiCloud is an American company, it only charges in the United Nations currency. So if you want to purchase a plan on the ChemiCloud then they will charge in USD (United Nations Dollars).

8. Does ChemiCloud accept bitcoin?

Answer: Unfortunately, the ChemiCloud does not accept bitcoin during this time. But the ChemiCloud will accept all the products issued by American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. So it includes debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, virtual cards, gift cards, and charge cards.

9. What are the hardware specifications of the ChemiCloud’s server?

Answer: Every server of the ChemiCloud uses the latest generation Intel CPU architecture with 100% SSD storage. To achieve the highest possible performance, the ChemiCloud always uses the advanced specifications in their server.

10. What type of virtualization does ChemiCloud use?

Answer: The ChemiCloud utilize the Kernal-based Virtual Machine (KVM) on 100% of the ChemiCloud’s infrastructure.

11. Can I use PostgreSQL for my site?

Answer: The ChemiCloud uses MariaDB 10.2.25 and they allow only MySQL databases. So, unfortunately, the ChemiCloud do not offer PostgreSQL during this time.

12. Does the ChemiCloud offer any free trial hosting plan?

Answer: The ChemiCloud does not offer any free trial hosting plan however it has a money-back guarantee period and that will be easy to try its hosting services.

13. Can I use ASP (Active Server Pages) on my site?

Answer: No, unfortunately, the ChemiCloud does not offer for Windows at this time, but only Unix servers.

Best Chemicloud WordPress Hosting Alternatives

WordPress HostingStarts FromFree DomainWebsite
GreenGeeks$2.95/mo1st Year
Bluehost$2.71/mo1st Year


We have covered, Chemicloud WordPress Hosting review, Chemicloud WordPress Hosting Plans, Chemicloud WordPress Hosting Speed , Chemicloud WordPress Hosting alternatives.

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