GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting : is it Best Eco-friendly ? [15 Pros]

Are you planning to start a WordPress blog ? Looking for Good and affordable WordPress Hosting with 1st year Free Domain name then here we are sharing GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review with pros and cons.

Do you wish to showcase your works or products to the world? Are you looking for a means of achieving success and popularity? Then what you need to do is start a blog or website. With a blog or website, one can easily display their creative and unique works and gain widespread acclaim. With the help of blogs and websites, one can easily sell their products or offer services to a wider population.

Technology and the internet has helped connect each and every person across the world. But creating a blog or website just won’t cut it. If you really want to make your blog visible to the eyes of netizens, what you need is a blog or website hosting service.

 The hosting service allows your blog or website to be viewable to the general public, otherwise it would only be you who can see your blog or website. Now, you may be wondering, why do we specifically mention ‘WordPress’? The answer to that question is quite simple. WordPress blogs and websites are very user friendly to create and manage. They come with a lot of amazing features and have an amazing community that is always there to lend support. 

So, it makes sense to go for a hosting service that specifically hosts WordPress blogs and websites. But with so many to choose from, what would be the ideal WordPress hosting service? That is the million-dollar question. But worry not, that is where we unveil to you one of the best WordPress Hosting services in the world: GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting. 

What is GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting ?

GreenGeeks is a truly special and unique WordPress Hosting service. GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting offers affordable WordPress Hosting services, thus making it an easy favorite for everyone. GreenGeeks was founded by Trey Gardner in 2008. The Californian WordPress hosting service has made a name for itself as an environmentally friendly web hosting service that is Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) certified and offsets 300 per cent of the carbon from the energy it uses.

What’s more? GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting is a Green Power Partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). GreenGeeks is more than a decade old in offering WordPress hosting services. Its management team are highly skilled, with more than 40 years of experience in web hosting, and aim to provide the best in class results and performance.  GreenGeeks offers its users amazing features, the likes of which are discussed below:

Top features of GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

1. Stability:

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting is one of the most stable web hosting platforms. Why? Because it has a highly efficient management team, amazing updates and great customer service. Plus, it offers amazing features that include account isolation, daily backups and pro-active monitoring.

2. SSD Storage:

What’s more? GreenGeeks uses Solid State RAID-10 Storage Arrays that ensure faster page loading speeds and ensures maximum redundancy. Hence, even in extreme conditions, GreenGeeks will ensure that your blog or website runs smoothly. The overall page loading is super fast.

3. Built-in Scalability:

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting offers its users built-in scalability. Simply said, it allows GreenGeeks users to easily scale computing resources when required and easily upgrade the user’s hosting plan. You don’t need to stock up on resources for a long duration. 

4. Easy WordPress blog and website migration:

Another great feature of GreenGeeks WordPress hosting service is that it works really well with WordPress blogs and websites. It makes it easier for WordPress blog and website users to migrate to and manage.

5. Super speed:

GreenGeeks WordPress hosting platform has amazing page loading speeds. It uses top speed technologies that include: LSCache, LiteSpeed, HTTP/2, PHP7, MariaDB and free CDN.  Hence, visitors to your website or blog can enjoy quick page loads.

6. Automated backups:

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting service offers automated backups every night and, best of all, for free! So, users don’t have to worry about malfunctions or hacks upsetting all of their work put into their blog or website.

7. Amazing Uptime results:

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting platform guarantees users 99.90% uptime. Research has indicated that over a period of 2 years, GreenGeeks servers have experienced a mere 4 hours of downtime. So, all the visitors can enjoy amazing uptime and uninterrupted hosting services with GreenGeeks WordPress hosting platform.

8. Great customer services:

GreenGeeks WordPress hosting platform offers its users amazing customer care services with a professional response team that is ready to help solve your issues and answer your queries.

9. Environment friendly:

What truly sets GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting platform apart from all other hosting services is the fact that GreenGeeks servers run on wind energy. In other words, GreenGeeks has drastically minimized its carbon footprint by opting for green, clean and sustainable energy to power its servers. So GreenGeeks web hosting users don’t have to worry about the environment being destroyed by opting for GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Services.

10. Advanced security:

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Service offers its users top of the class security services. Plus it gives its users automatic brute force detection, real-time security scanning, SSL secure server, Spam Assassin protection and the functioning of password-protecting one’s directories.

11. Free domain name:

What’s more? GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting service also offers its users the opportunity to create their own domain name for free and for life!

12. 30 days money back guarantee:

GreenGeeks offers a 30 days money back guarantee, so if users do not like the web hosting service provider they can choose to opt out and receive a full refund. This money back guarantee ensures you can explore the option at your comfort, if you are not happy you get your money back without any questions. 

Pros of GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting:

Here are the top reasons why you should opt for GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting for your business and even for your personal blog. 

  • Environmentally friendly and uses zero-carbon energy
  • User friendly and easy to use for beginners
  • Transparent pricing plans
  • Highly affordable pricing plans
  • Amazing speed
  • Efficient infrastructure
  • Has 4 state of the art data centers that users can choose to host on
  • Lots of amazing services and features
  • Amazing performance and uptime result
  • Best in class security services
  • Automated daily backups
  • Incredible and highly responsive customer support services
  • Permits scaling up in shared hosting
  • Offers VPS hosting services
  • Works well with WordPress blogs and websites, makes migration and management easier for the same.

Cons of GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting:

With regard to performance or feature, there are no visible cons with GreenGeeks WordPress hosting. The only con would be that GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting has no Asian datacentres, that affects the services it offers to Asian users. Overall GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting is loaded with best features, you will definitely not regret opting for this hosting. 

Why go for GreenGeeks WordPress hosting?

GreenGeeks is clearly one of the best WordPress Hosting services in the market. It has amazing user reviews and delivers the best in class performance. What’s more? Let’s explore 7 reasons why we think you should get GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting and believe us when we say that they will not cease to amaze you! 

  • GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting has the best user reviews online (hence its very user friendly).
  • GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting offers its users amazing security services.
  • GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting offers amazing customer support services.
  • Its subscription plans are transparent and very affordable (definitely worth its price)!
  • It allows WordPress blogs and website users to transfer or migrate their existing WordPress blog or website easily and quickly.
  • It offers amazing technical features and utilizes the most innovative technology to ensure amazing performance and speed.
  • GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting services are ‘green’ as the name suggests and does not rely on carbon-based energy to run its servers. 

In fact, GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting serves as a role model and front runner in the bid for more Eco-friendly web hosting!

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Review FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is GreenGeeks hosting good?

Absolutely the answer is yes, the GreenGeeks hosting will be amazing. And it is an outstanding option for Eco-friendly hosting. One of the greatest pride of the GreenGeeks is, it is an environmentally friendly web hosting, by offsetting more than 300% of the carbon from the energy that they use.

2. How can I log in to the GreenGeeks?

To log in to the GreenGeeks, just visit the website of the GreenGeeks or just click on the “customer login” on the homepage of GreenGeeks. There enter your email address which is associated with your account, then enter your password, and click the “sign me in” button. 

3. Why I did not receive my GreenGeeks login information ?

When you are opening a hosting account with the GreenGeeks, you will get a few different mails. It will have your log in details, invoice, and your account information. And some email systems will classify the mails with URLs or passwords as spam. So, if you are sure that your order is complete, and did not receive your login information, then you must check your spam or junk mail folder.

4. How to update the password in GreenGeeks ?

Log in to GreenGeeks to update your password, click the “Hello” on the top right corner, and then click on “Edit profile in it”. There click on the “change password” and then enter your new password and just reenter it again. At last click on the “change password” button and you will be done.

5. Is it possible to stream media from my GreenGeeks account ?

Answer: Currently, the GreenGeeks does not support streaming over server-based application such as ShoutCast, etc. However, you can upload your content and embed most types of media by using the <embed> tag and <audio> and <video> elements.

6. What is the difference between shared and reseller hosting ?

Shared hosting accounts is for one owner and it comes with one cPannel. So you can host unlimited domains on a shared plan by adding domains on “Add-on Domains” in the section of cPannel. Whereas, the reseller hosting accounts is for one owner who wishes to resell hosting. In the reseller hosting account, you can have 10 to 250 separate cPanel accounts, and it depends on the plan that you choose. With a reseller account, you can also set up each domain name with its own cPanel.

7. Does GreenGeeks support JSP ?

The GreenGeeks does not support server-side JSP applications such as JSP or JAVA servlets. However, Java applets and JavaScript which or run or phrased in your browser will work.

8. Do the GreenGeeks offer Microsoft SQL Server databases ?

GreenGeeks is a Linux/Unix web hosting provider, and they do not provide Microsoft SQL Server or any hosting which requires Windows-based technologies (like Cold Fusion, ASP, NET, MS SQL, etc).

9. How can I change my cPanel password ?

When you are creating an account with GreenGeeks, the same password will be used for both GreenGeeks and cPanel by default. If you want to change your cPanel password, you can change it, and remember it will not change your GreenGeeks password. To change the cPanel password, on the top left corner there will be a hamburger icon, click it and click on the “manage” button. There click on “password management”. Then enter the password in both fields (new password and reenter password), then click on the “Change Password” button. Remember the password strength indicator must be green. 

10. What are the types of websites that can use Cloudflare ?

Both static and dynamic websites can get benefits from the Cloudflare, and Cloudflare is not suitable for the websites which stream audio or video directly from the server. If you are using YouTube or Vimeo to embed the videos on your website, it will be compatible with Cloudflare.

11. If GreenGeeks register my domain, then who owns it ?

You are the one who owns your domain name, even if the GreenGeeks register your domain. GreenGeeks will be just a provider of your domain name, and the GreenGeeks will just register or transfer if according to your needs. So, you will be the sole owner of your domain. 

12. How to update my credit card information ?

Log in to the GreenGeeks to update your credit card information, and click on the “Hello” button and then click on the “edit profile”. There click on the “credit card details” button, click on update, and you can update or add a credit card to your account.

13. What are the domain plans and add-on plans available on the GreenGeeks ?

The GreenGeeks offering variety of plans on domain and add-on. To get a clear knowledge of this, you have to visit the official website of the GreenGeeks or click on the following websites to know about the various plans offered by the GreenGeeks.

To check the various domain pricing ( and to check the add-on pricing (

Best GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting Alternatives

WordPress HostingStarts FromFree DomainWebsite
BlueHost$2.71/mo1st Year


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