8 Best Email Hosting Service Providers

8 Best Email Hosting Service Providers/Email Hosting Providers for small Business/top email hosting providers.

Email is the best possible way to get in touch with a stranger from any part of the world. All you need is to draft a professional-looking email and shoot it. Be it a small business or a start-up or even a home office work, emails are the best form of professional communication.

It is the free tool which can help the business to reach out huge crowd in no time. Email hosting is a brilliant service where the hosting provider rents our email server to the user. You can opt for the free version as well as premium ones based on your preference. Here is the list of top 8 email hosting service providers. 

Best Email Hosting Service Providers

1. G Suite by Google 

Google’s G Suite is a brilliant email hosting provider that can be integrated as an enterprise-level and synced with Google docs, hangouts. You get access to multiple online storages via google drive. With G suite connection, creation, access and controlling is super smooth. 

Top Features of G Suite

1. Share the calendar and schedule a meeting via video conference. 

2. Easy collaboration of documents, slides, spreadsheet via the device. You can access offline as well. 

3. Share and store files via the cloud and the same can be access via computer, tablets, and smartphone. 

4. High level of data and device security. 

5. G Suite is totally free

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2. Rackspace Email Hosting

The Rackspace Email is an affordable hosting provider, the email can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. With the help of safe IMAP, all the emails are completely compatible with Outlook. You can access the email on both Windows and Macs. 

Top Features of Rackspace Email

1. Get access to 25 GB mailboxes and domain aliases

2. Responsive expert support team 

3. Quick and free migration

4. You can add attachments of up to 50 MB. 

5. It is web-based and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

3. Zoho Mail

Zoho is another cost-effective and reliable email hosting provider. It is a powerful cloud-based app that works similar to the G Suite and you can integrate the email effortlessly. Zoho is lot more than just an inbox. You can keep track on every day work by using tools like notes, tasks, bookmarks and calendar. The versatile features make managing emails hassle free. 

Top Features of Zoho Mail

1. Security is the biggest advantage; the uptime is 99.9%

2. Create a professional looking email with [email protected], this increases authenticity.

3. Powerful control panel which supports configuration and customization. 

4. Retain email super quick.

5. Access email on the go with the app.

4. Office 365 Outlook

The name Office 365 Outlook is enough to showcase the reliability of this email hosting provider. It is a fabulous choice for all the small as well as large scale business. The exchange of email, scheduling meetings, synchronization of work all is possible with Office 365 Outlook. 

Top Features of Office 365 Outlook

1. The size of mailbox can go up to 50 GB and more.

2. All the emails are protected from spam and virus.

3. You can opt to get your domain name for better visibility and authentication. 

4. Smart and prompt 24*7 support.

5. Storage can archive possible based on the plan.

5. Yandex Mail

Email management is made easy with Yandex, it is one of the best email hosting providers that offers best email experience. Be it POP or IMAP access, you get unlimited storage as well. Yandex Mail is a brilliant hosting provider for business email service. 

Top Features of Yandex Mail

1. It is free of cost and the online storage is unlimited

2. Both POP and IMAP access. 

3. Works well for both desktop and mobile emails.

4. Smart built in translator to read and send emails in foreign languages to deal with global clients.

5. Can save messages to promote easy reusability of email.

6. Bluehost Email Hosting

When it comes to reliable hosting providers, Bluehost tops the chart, the email hosting is credible. The email business models are tailor-made and best for business. The pricing model is inexpensive and starts from just $2.99 each month. 

Top Features of Bluehost

1. Protection from spam and virus.

2.  The mailbox size can go up to 50 GB, small business can opt for 15 GB. 

3.  The archiving and storage space can be included free of cost.

4. Incredible cPanel web hosting control.

5. 24*7 support via chat, phone and email ticket. 

7. Hostinger Email Hosting

The Hostinger is one of the credible email hosting providers which also syncs calendar along with email. It is one of the best email hosting for all the online projects, a best option to increase brand visibility.  You get an option to create effortless domain-based email ID and give an authentic look to your email. 

Top Features of Hostinger

1. Works seamless on all the browsers that includes iOS, android and it can be accessed even offline. 

2. Quick connection and communication with business partners and colleagues. 

3. Simple and highly encrypted.

4. Advanced search for quick communication.

5. Option to add host meetings of up to 50 people and include video.

8. DreamHost Email Hosting

The DreamHost email hosting provide works as a smart email solution to communicate with global audience super quick. This hosting provider provides full IMAP access and data portability. The storage space is 25 GB and works well to send business mail to larger audience. You can opt for own domain email ID as well for improved visibility. 

Top Features of DreamHost

1. Cost effective email management, just $20 for 1 year.

2. Can be accessed via mobile as well as desktop device via IMAP.

3. Create alluring and professional email in short span of time.

4.  Solid technical support.

5. Efficient storage space of 25 GB.

Email is the best possible way to communicated with colleagues, business partners and global investors. It is efficiently and quick to show notes, share data, sheets via email.  The above mention email hosting service providers are safe as well as reliable options. 


We have covered, Best Email Hosting Service Providers, Email Hosting Providers and Email Hosting Providers Review and features.

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